Children's Sunday School

Every Sunday during the school year, our Sunday school operates for children (ages 3 - 5th grade) and youth (6th-12th grade) during our Sunday worship service. In Sunday school, our children and youth have interactive games and lessons that teach them timeless truths to build their faith.

The schedule for Sunday school works like this:

  • Families worship together as the service begins (10:30am).
  • Children (all ages) come forward for the Children's Sermon (10:45am or so).
  • Afterward, children go downstairs for Sunday school with a dynamic, age-appropriate lesson.
  • Children rejoin families in the Sanctuary for the end of worship (11:30am or so).

One-Room Model

We know that Sunday school shouldn't be a time of entertainment, but engagement. It shouldn't just be a time where children receive information, but where they share it, as well. We have a strong commitment to building up our children to be active, growing disciples of Jesus Christ.

Because of that commitment, our children's Sunday school operates with the One-Room Model. Like the old one-room schoolhouses from the prairie days, this model doesn't separate children based on age. Instead, it fosters an environment where children of different ages can learn alongside one another and even teach one another. A fifth-grader can take ownership of her faith when she helps a first-grader absorb the lesson.

We think the One-Room Model is an effective model for making young disciples, and we know your child will have a blast!

Safe Gatherings Approved

At Wahoo First UMC, all of our volunteers who regularly interact with children, youth, or vulnerable adults are certified through Safe Gatherings, which includes abuse prevention training and a comprehensive background check.

We care about the well-being and emotional, physical, and spiritual health of everyone in our church, especially children. So with Safe Gatherings, we have a system in place to ensure that well-being. 

To find out more about Safe Gatherings, check out their website here >>