"Wednesday Night Live" is our midweek ministry that has something for the whole family. We start out each Wednesday with a community meal from 6:00-6:30pm. But stick around when the meal is over; that's when the fun continues! From 6:30-7:30pm, we split into three different age groups: elementary, youth, and adults for age-specific programming. Read on below for more information about these groups, then make a plan to join us on Wednesdays!


If you're interested in joining us for Wednesday Night Live, click here to send us a quick email, or call us at (402) 443-4219. Letting us know will help us plan for meals and materials!

Let Us Know You're Interested


Wednesday Night Live begins Wednesday, August 25, and continues weekly until November 17.

(A midweek Advent study may also begin on December 1, so stay tuned!)

Elementary Break-out

After our community dinner, our elementary-aged children (ages 4 through 5th grade) will stay in our Fellowship Hall downstairs for a time of lessons, crafts, and games.

Using a variety of curriculum resources, you can be sure that your child will have a great time learning timeless Bible lessons. On top of that, they will have a blast on crafts and other projects designed to reinforce the lesson, as well as games and activities meant to make Wednesday Night Live a staple of your week!

Your child will have all this fun alongside other children, forming friendships that can last a lifetime. And while they're downstairs, you can be right upstairs the whole time in your own time of fellowship and faith.


After dinner, our Youth Group (6th-12th grade) will meet downstairs in our Youth Room. In this time, they will have age-appropriate discipleship, fellowship, and fun.

Middle school and high school are important, but stressful, years. Schoolwork, relationships, life decisions, the list goes on. So at Wednesday Night Live, we give our Youth a place where they can just "be," where they can find friends, fellowship, and faith in a low-pressure setting. With authentic lessons and discussions, your teenager can discover faith for themselves on their own terms.

Wednesday Night Live is also the place where our Middle School Confirmation class is held, concurrently with our Youth Group.


When our community dinner finishes, our adults go upstairs to our North Fellowship Room for our own Bible study!

This Fall, our study will be the "Disciple: Old Testament" study. This 12-week, immersive study will take you from the Creation story of Genesis 1, through psalms, kings, and prophets, right to the precipice of the New Testament.

This study is foundational for a disciple's faith. With this survey of the Old Testament, and the companion New Testament study in Spring 2022, will transform your life. While our children and youth engage their faiths downstairs, this "Disciple" Bible study will give you the tools to live your life faithfully at all times.