Owning up to mistakes can be hard. Hurtful actions, harsh words, and lapses in judgment: these are all things we’d rather avoid blame for. What does the Bible say about this finger-pointing? From Adam & Eve and Cain & Abel, to David & Bathsheba, and more, there are plenty of examples of biblical characters shirking responsibility and blaming others.

Join us for our worship series “The Blame Game” that looks at these examples. In them, you’ll see how God’s grace helps us accept responsibility for our actions and even forgive others.

January 7 - "Mistakes Were Made"

January 14 - "Mistakes of Anger"

January 21 - "Mistakes of Purpose"

January 28 - "Mistakes of Greed"

February 4 - "Mistakes of Passion"

February 11 - "Mistakes of Fear"

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stories of blame & guilt

Each week, we'll focus on a biblical story where someone either shifts blame or shirks responsibility. Click on each tab to read more!

Genesis 3 - In the Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve were given one rule: don't eat the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. But when they succumb to the serpent's temptation, they both shift blame. Adam blames Eve, and Eve blames the serpent. This first sin set a precedent for defensiveness and blame that we've been trying to shake ever since.