No church is without its struggles, but Corinth was something else. They hadn't been around very long, but already the problems were setting in. Divisions over worship. Leadership power struggles. Disagreements over food and clothing. If you could fight about it, Corinth was.

So the apostle Paul's first letter to the church in Corinth is a marvelous case study, as we strive toward being a better body of Christ together. As Corinth is transformed from warring factions to a vibrant, rock-solid church, we can glean timeless lessons on becoming "Built to Last."

June 7 - Has Christ Been Divided?
June 14 - God's Foolishness
June 21 - Christ the Foundation
June 28 - Causing to Stumble
July 5 - All Things to All People
July 12 - In Remembrance of Me

July 19 - One Body, Many Members

July 26 - A More Excellent Way